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Feel Smooth in a new underwear style from Cover Male

August 16, 2015 Comments off


Cover Male  Feel Smooth Brief

Cherry Red

Cover Male  Feel Smooth Brief

Royal Blue

 For most clothing companies, rolling out a new product is an obligation typically fueled by necessity rather than innovation.  Not so in mens underwear and certainly not by Cover Male with their new Feel Smooth Feel Briefs.   These briefs are extremely low-rise with moderate, bikini-style coverage featuring a contouring pouch that any man can appreciate.  The Feel Smooth briefs are made with a moisture-wickering blend of Nylon and Lycra fabric with rolled-seams that hug perfectly around my hips and crotch.   You almost feel like you’re wearing nothing!  I have had a few pairs for 3 months now and they wash well.  I’ve worn them in almost every occasion; everyday wear, working out, cycling, etc…  The shimmer definitely caught the eye of my wife and loves them too.  

You can buy them at: or


Garcon Model Briefs

January 26, 2013 Comments off


Putting on a pair of Garcon Model briefs felt as soothing as slipping into a warm bath. These are very well-made underwear that contours the body perfectly by hugging every curve of my mid-section. The front pouch is molded providing plenty of room and the seams offer support.

Another bonus is that there are “No Tags”. Tags drives me nuts by rubbing the small of my back of top of my crack. I can’t understand why all designers have not flipped into this branding, especially for thongs and bikinis. I’d pay the extra buck to go tag-less instead of risking a tear trying to take them off. Big thumbs up!

They have a shimmering appearance to them too but nothing overboard, just a nice modern, yet sexy look. A bit pricey at $25-30 a pair, but you get what you pay for and they offer a variety of colors too. Big Thumbs Up!

Check them here: Garcon Model Underwear Briefs


Good Devil’s Zoom Carnival Bikini

September 18, 2012 Comments off

Known primarily for their novelties, Good Devil’s Zoom Carnival Bikini serves as a reminder that they still make a damn good pair of day-to-day underwear. Brazilian-cut is always a good call on warm days under shorts or work clothes, especially office days. The polyester/spandex ratio keeps you dry and is extremely comfortable. “Won’t these will crawl up my butt?”….No! As long as you get the right size, I’ve not had a problem with it. The front pouch has a little lifting feature too, so if you get called to the whiteboard at the office. Check yourself before you hop-up….

Reputable places I’ve bought Good Devil: Mensuas, Underwear Station, Steveneven


Blu Swim Brief by Olaf Benz

September 5, 2012 Comments off


In many years of doing business with Germans, I noticed a few cultural common denominators. First, they possess an extremely dry sense of humor. Secondly, they are the worst salespeople on the planet. Lastly and most importantly, they don’t “half-ass” anything and design-build better than everyone else. So when I got a pair of Olaf Benz’s Blu Swim Briefs, I immediately knew that it was going to be well crafted….and I was right.

These are listed as men’s swim briefs, but they have more of a sexy bikini feel because of the high-cut with short sides. If you want a good tanning brief, active underwear, or are a big swimmer, these are perfect. They can take a beating and actually offer real UV protection. Nothings more painful than roasted nuts and I highly recommend exercising good grooming habits.

For the appearance value and according to the wife, they can make even the flattest butt look round and toned. However, Germans design for German body frames, which is long and lean. If you’re tall, you’ll love these. As for beach/pool etiquette, unless your grabbing 50 laps, I’d probably save these for the adult-oriented settings. The metallic additive in the fabric is eye-catching and the swimsuit is somewhat skimpy. Awesome product!

Since its past Labor Day, swimsuits like this are a steal at: Undergear, Nuwear, Skiviees, BodyAware, DealByEthan, Mensuas, Erogenos, Int’l Jock, Pacific Jock, and DeadGoodUndies to name a few




The Greek God Brief

August 14, 2012 Comments off

Since July apparently was the hottest month ever and the swamp ass index at an all-time high, I can’t imagine the premium on underwear being any greater. I noticed that my wife’s daily underwear was extremely thin material, brief/bikini style, with a scrunched butt. So I scoured the Internet for the skimpiest thing I could find and across the Greek God Brief from Bodyaware

Obviously the wow factor in these little sexy men’s bikini is the off the charts which is their main objective. Indirectly, they created an ideal pair of functional underwear for those dog days of summer.




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