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Gym Compression from Ergowear

August 16, 2014 Comments off
Ergowear Gym Compression

Ergowear Gym Compression

Comfortable compression is vital when working out or playing sports. Some companies forget about that men and women have completely different contours and they continue to design compression wear based on the female facade. This mentality usually leads to seams being placed in the center of the crotch…not good, not comfortable. In fact, it can create a camel toe and garner unwanted attention. Ergowear’s Gym Compression Shorts are as good as it gets in my opinion and they maintain their integrity over many washes too. Check them out….worth the price too.

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Ergowear’s XD3 Bikini

October 23, 2012 Comments off


An oldie but goodie…in new colors! I think the first time I bought a pair of Ergowear Bikini XD3’s high-speed Internet was a premium upgrade on my bill. They used to just make these in standard black and white, but over the years they will come out with new color. Naturally, I picked up a few pairs, especially the Fuschia.

The recipe is still the same though, ergonomic perfect pair of underwear. If I had to pick an all-time top 5 pairs of underwear, these would be on it. They contour completely through the leg holes, with seamless butt coverage, and plenty of pouch space for all. These should be a staple in any mans underwear drawer and ideal for all occasions.


Ergowear 3XD Briefs

July 22, 2011 Comments off
Ergowear XD3 Briefs

Ergowear XD3 Brief

These could be the most durable underwear I have ever purchased. They are great to wear for work, play, and exercise. I have a few pairs of these in white, black, red argyle, and green argyle.

They fit me just right because I’m stocky too. Because I live in the south, it’s hot as hell during the summertime so I’m constantly sweating. The premium microfiber that Ergowear incorporates in their designs wickers moisture away from my crotch so I don’t get that constant swampy feeling. The leg holes are flexible so these will contour to just about any body type and the 1″ waistband is encompassed into the fabric, so that doesn’t chafe either or cause a muffin top appearance.

My wife loves them and thinks that they make my butt look great. She considers these tame compared to the other things I’ll wear underneath. These briefs last about a year before breaking down which is about you can ask from a pair of underwear I put on about once every couple of weeks.

Designer: Ergowear
Material: Polyamide, Elastane
Origin: Chile
Reputable stores I’ve bought these from in the past: Ergowear; Int’l Jock

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