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Gym Compression from Ergowear

August 16, 2014 Comments off
Ergowear Gym Compression

Ergowear Gym Compression

Comfortable compression is vital when working out or playing sports. Some companies forget about that men and women have completely different contours and they continue to design compression wear based on the female facade. This mentality usually leads to seams being placed in the center of the crotch…not good, not comfortable. In fact, it can create a camel toe and garner unwanted attention. Ergowear’s Gym Compression Shorts are as good as it gets in my opinion and they maintain their integrity over many washes too. Check them out….worth the price too.

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R-Speed Compression Shorts & Pants

December 1, 2012 Comments off

A misconception I learned growing up in the 80’s is that the older we get, the less active we are and fatter we become. WRONG! At 37, I am in better shape now than at any point since I was basketball walk-on my freshman year in college. Once I got cut from the squad as a sophomore, I put on 30lbs eating crap, smoking cigs, with a consistent workout routine of 12oz curls. Not only was body a train wreck, but the dumbest was that I waited until my late 20’s to do something about it.

So I started running and since then I’m always on the lookout for great compression shorts and pants. Here’s a new style that rocks ass without breaking the bank. The R-Gear High Speed Compression line from Road Runner is fantastic. I’ve had a pair of the 7″ mens shorts for a couple of months and they have not lost one bit of elastic integrity. The seams are firm and positioned perfectly to avoid chafing and the mesh side panels ensure that sweat wickers away. Road Runner makes shorts in various lengths and colors for men and women. They also have a little shimmer appearance that make your butt look good.

Check’em out here: Road Runner R-Speed Compression Shorts


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