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Feel Smooth in a new underwear style from Cover Male

August 16, 2015 Comments off


Cover Male  Feel Smooth Brief

Cherry Red

Cover Male  Feel Smooth Brief

Royal Blue

 For most clothing companies, rolling out a new product is an obligation typically fueled by necessity rather than innovation.  Not so in mens underwear and certainly not by Cover Male with their new Feel Smooth Feel Briefs.   These briefs are extremely low-rise with moderate, bikini-style coverage featuring a contouring pouch that any man can appreciate.  The Feel Smooth briefs are made with a moisture-wickering blend of Nylon and Lycra fabric with rolled-seams that hug perfectly around my hips and crotch.   You almost feel like you’re wearing nothing!  I have had a few pairs for 3 months now and they wash well.  I’ve worn them in almost every occasion; everyday wear, working out, cycling, etc…  The shimmer definitely caught the eye of my wife and loves them too.  

You can buy them at: or


New Swimwear for the Spring from Gigo & JOR

February 15, 2013 Comments off

Garcon Model Briefs

January 26, 2013 Comments off


Putting on a pair of Garcon Model briefs felt as soothing as slipping into a warm bath. These are very well-made underwear that contours the body perfectly by hugging every curve of my mid-section. The front pouch is molded providing plenty of room and the seams offer support.

Another bonus is that there are “No Tags”. Tags drives me nuts by rubbing the small of my back of top of my crack. I can’t understand why all designers have not flipped into this branding, especially for thongs and bikinis. I’d pay the extra buck to go tag-less instead of risking a tear trying to take them off. Big thumbs up!

They have a shimmering appearance to them too but nothing overboard, just a nice modern, yet sexy look. A bit pricey at $25-30 a pair, but you get what you pay for and they offer a variety of colors too. Big Thumbs Up!

Check them here: Garcon Model Underwear Briefs


Zylas Briefs Rock

December 22, 2012 Comments off


Want a damn good pair of underwear to wear under jeans? Look no further than Zylas men’s textured briefs. Zylas is another one of these innovative, Latin-based manufacturers (Columbian) that does a phenomenal job of designing body wear. Ironically, I had these briefs on and was out Christmas shopping with the wife. We stumbled into the Jockey store and my immediate thought was, “Grandpa’s underwear…, they’ve got a long way to go.”

The Textured Briefs have a “meshy” feel, so they stretch and contour perfectly around my butt and hips, but without the see-through component. I’m not big on prominent waistbands because they tend to leave indentions, but these weren’t digging at all. These briefs are low-waisted too, which is ideal for guys with short legs (myself included). I felt that the leg trim and front pouch fit me just fine, but I could see those areas as being a little tight on thick-thighed guys or the well-endowed. If this is your MO, I’d probably size up then.

As the holidays kick into high-gear now, last-minute shopping is typically at the top of the todo list. Please keep your local business’ in mind and support them as much as possible. Value that premium customer service and don’t let a few extra dollars be the difference in your patronage between them and the “Big Box” stores. Trust me, it’s worth it. Merry Christmas!


New Candyman Thin Briefs

October 3, 2012 Comments off


October is my favorite month of the year for several reasons. First of all, its a sports fans paradise with football in full swing, baseball games actually have meaning, and basketball gets going. Weather-wise, the month typically means warm and sunny days, which are perfect for the beach (save hurricanes).

October means gatherings and climaxes with Halloween, which is arguably the most fun holiday on the calendar with the wildest parties and costumes. It’s like a license to wear whatever you want. Women love to take full advantage of the opportunity and come out in the skimpiest lingerie they can find, which I’m not opposed too either. For me, choosing a costume is no big deal but for my wife it’s an effort in futility and a pain staking process that will last for weeks.

Speaking of costumes, Candyman is well known for coming up with outrageous mens outfits that are sure to turn a few heads. They also just released some new daily underwear that are really comfortable and breathable. These stretchy polyester, nylon mens briefs have thin sides give a full range of motion. Great for under sportswear with plenty of room in the front and won’t crawl up your butt. Steveneven has them on sale too, check’em out.



Reversible Swimwear by Vuthy

August 19, 2012 Comments off


Ever said to yourself, “damn, I should have thought of that?”. That would completely apply to this post about Vuthy’s Reversible Men’s Swimwear. For years I’ve heard my wife talk about the ability to flip her bikini’s inside out and it never occurred to me. Well, it obviously resonated with someone.

As for the pair I have, keep this in mind. First, Groom! These are small and a having a squirrels nest for a crotch will look horrible. Second, Well-endowed guys should go with the briefs because you will fall out of the bikini. They also make these in Maise-Blue, but I can’t imagine that being a big seller to Buckeye fans:)


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