Garcon Model Briefs

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Putting on a pair of Garcon Model briefs felt as soothing as slipping into a warm bath. These are very well-made underwear that contours the body perfectly by hugging every curve of my mid-section. The front pouch is molded providing plenty of room and the seams offer support.

Another bonus is that there are “No Tags”. Tags drives me nuts by rubbing the small of my back of top of my crack. I can’t understand why all designers have not flipped into this branding, especially for thongs and bikinis. I’d pay the extra buck to go tag-less instead of risking a tear trying to take them off. Big thumbs up!

They have a shimmering appearance to them too but nothing overboard, just a nice modern, yet sexy look. A bit pricey at $25-30 a pair, but you get what you pay for and they offer a variety of colors too. Big Thumbs Up!

Check them here: Garcon Model Underwear Briefs



Start 2013 with skimp…Croota’s Sport Bikini Underwear

January 7, 2013 Comments off


Is it a Tanga, Brief or a Bikini? I’m not positive how to categorize this style, but I will say that the Croota Inner Sport Brief is very comfortable and added definition to my buttocks. I surprised the wife with these on New Years and started my year off with a ________ (fill in the blank)!

The brief is well constructed using a blend of cotton/spandex, but I would recommend upsizing if you’re borderline on the size. The are a bit snug on the inner-thigh and the rear coverage sits in the center of my cheeks, so I caution those with hairy posteriors. The front pouch had plenty of breathing room, so the well-endowed need not worry.

Happy 2013!

Zylas Briefs Rock

December 22, 2012 Comments off


Want a damn good pair of underwear to wear under jeans? Look no further than Zylas men’s textured briefs. Zylas is another one of these innovative, Latin-based manufacturers (Columbian) that does a phenomenal job of designing body wear. Ironically, I had these briefs on and was out Christmas shopping with the wife. We stumbled into the Jockey store and my immediate thought was, “Grandpa’s underwear…, they’ve got a long way to go.”

The Textured Briefs have a “meshy” feel, so they stretch and contour perfectly around my butt and hips, but without the see-through component. I’m not big on prominent waistbands because they tend to leave indentions, but these weren’t digging at all. These briefs are low-waisted too, which is ideal for guys with short legs (myself included). I felt that the leg trim and front pouch fit me just fine, but I could see those areas as being a little tight on thick-thighed guys or the well-endowed. If this is your MO, I’d probably size up then.

As the holidays kick into high-gear now, last-minute shopping is typically at the top of the todo list. Please keep your local business’ in mind and support them as much as possible. Value that premium customer service and don’t let a few extra dollars be the difference in your patronage between them and the “Big Box” stores. Trust me, it’s worth it. Merry Christmas!


Going Bold with a Dietz Slip Swim from Dietz

December 19, 2012 Comments off

It’s been over a week since the wife and I got back from Playa Del Carmen, Mexico and I still sporting a decent tan. I’m doing my best to preserve it as long as possible with toning moisturizers, but I know eventually it’ll lighten up.

I do credit the bikini’s I wore to allowing a little more extra sun to hit my hips and butt, such as the Slip Swim from Dietz. I bought a couple pairs a few months back from Johnny’s Beach Bums (fast, reliable store) and couldn’t be more satisfied with the product. Slim sides, minimal cut, and very comfortable swimwear.

Cancun beaches are wonderful, but it has more of a younger appeal with a non-stop party crowd. It’s perfect for people with kids and college spring breakers, but if you want peace and quiet go further south down the Mexican Riviera toward Cozumel and Playa. The areas there appeared to draw a more International blend of folks and extremely hospitable locals. Modesty was definitely nowhere to be found with quite a few topless sunbathing women….and I wasn’t complaining. Even the wife took the “when in Rome” attitude.


LASC St. Tropez Bikini on The Mayan Riviera

December 10, 2012 Comments off


Just got back from the luxurious Mayan Riviera and I cannot begin to explain how much fun the wife and I have had. It’s heaven on earth with scenery that would even make a Hawaiian jealous.
The water is crystal clear and the beaches are full of international flavor with the majority of the areas targeted to adults.

As much as I love (and appreciate) coming home to the US, I couldn’t help but notice our short-comings with our beaches. We are waaay too uptight with our attire. Whether they were topless super-models in thongs or old chubby men in bikinis, people wore whatever they wanted and it wasn’t a big deal. No one noticed and no one cared and everyone was having a blast.

Naturally, I brought an assortment of swimwear with me, such as the Super-Low Racer from Timoteo (see pic below). A good starter brief to acclimate my skin to body parts where the sun hasn’t shined in a while. I got a little bolder with swimwear over the week once we saw the norm, so I went bikini style with the St. Tropez from LASC.

But no matter how beautiful this place is, the Mexican people here are by far it’s greatest asset. They bend over backwards for you to make you feel at ease and the majority of locals we encountered speak decent English. Thank god, because “mi espanol es no bueno”. Under no circumstances should you believe the media hype of the violence and drug wars all over Mexico. That’s 100% bunk and contained to certain areas which is no different than big cities back home. So don’t let the TV influence your opinion of Mexico, it’s gorgeous, friendly, and open for business.


Comfy Long Johns from Andrew Christian

December 4, 2012 Comments off


I don’t know about you, but to me nothing is more comfortable than a soft, form-fitting pair of Long John’s during the winter. It’s difficult to find good fitting ones because I have the shortest legs in the history of 5’10 men. If you want to baffle a retail clerk just ask for a pair of 33/28 jeans. I don’t think that Long Johns aren’t supposed to scrunch at the knees. Conversely, waistbands are supposed to sit on the sternum either when I pull them up. I’m not even going comment on the crotch area but picture how awful that perverted old man looked in Road Trip.

I haven’t ran across anything from Andrew Christian that I wasn’t thoroughly impressed with, so I pulled the trigger on their Almost Naked Action Boxers. Not sure about these being called boxers, but in the south they are called Long Johns.

Great choice, ungodly comfortable, and fit perfectly! The bamboo fabric feels incredible, sits low-waisted, and it contours flush on the rear. The pouch is roomy for even the most well-endowed. The pants conically mimic a second skin as it rolls down my leg with slight scrunch at the ankles. Did I mention they’re comfy….get a pair, you won’t be disappointed.



R-Speed Compression Shorts & Pants

December 1, 2012 Comments off

A misconception I learned growing up in the 80’s is that the older we get, the less active we are and fatter we become. WRONG! At 37, I am in better shape now than at any point since I was basketball walk-on my freshman year in college. Once I got cut from the squad as a sophomore, I put on 30lbs eating crap, smoking cigs, with a consistent workout routine of 12oz curls. Not only was body a train wreck, but the dumbest was that I waited until my late 20’s to do something about it.

So I started running and since then I’m always on the lookout for great compression shorts and pants. Here’s a new style that rocks ass without breaking the bank. The R-Gear High Speed Compression line from Road Runner is fantastic. I’ve had a pair of the 7″ mens shorts for a couple of months and they have not lost one bit of elastic integrity. The seams are firm and positioned perfectly to avoid chafing and the mesh side panels ensure that sweat wickers away. Road Runner makes shorts in various lengths and colors for men and women. They also have a little shimmer appearance that make your butt look good.

Check’em out here: Road Runner R-Speed Compression Shorts


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