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The Perfect Bubble Butt from Manstore Guywear

April 16, 2013 Comments off


For those of us who are genetically challenged in the posterior, I have found the answer. The M275 Brief by Manstore is the best butt-enhancer for men that I have encountered to date. Why? It’s made with a blend of polyamide/elastane, which means you can wear it under sportswear or a mid-cut swimsuit with worrying about it acting like sponge. It doesn’t move around one bit and is completely discrete.

They are a little pricey, but you get what you pay for and definitely hang dry them….no tumble dry!
I had to order the from Europe, because I have seen them in the US yet.

Planet Undies

PS> Sorry for being slack about writing, but there’s thing called Pinterest that my wife got me hooked onto. I thought it was a just picture website for women to collect ideas for recipes and home-makeovers. Wrong! It’s crack, uber-addictive and will make 3 hours disappear in seconds.





Comfy Long Johns from Andrew Christian

December 4, 2012 Comments off


I don’t know about you, but to me nothing is more comfortable than a soft, form-fitting pair of Long John’s during the winter. It’s difficult to find good fitting ones because I have the shortest legs in the history of 5’10 men. If you want to baffle a retail clerk just ask for a pair of 33/28 jeans. I don’t think that Long Johns aren’t supposed to scrunch at the knees. Conversely, waistbands are supposed to sit on the sternum either when I pull them up. I’m not even going comment on the crotch area but picture how awful that perverted old man looked in Road Trip.

I haven’t ran across anything from Andrew Christian that I wasn’t thoroughly impressed with, so I pulled the trigger on their Almost Naked Action Boxers. Not sure about these being called boxers, but in the south they are called Long Johns.

Great choice, ungodly comfortable, and fit perfectly! The bamboo fabric feels incredible, sits low-waisted, and it contours flush on the rear. The pouch is roomy for even the most well-endowed. The pants conically mimic a second skin as it rolls down my leg with slight scrunch at the ankles. Did I mention they’re comfy….get a pair, you won’t be disappointed.



Enhance It Boxer from Casanova

June 16, 2012 Comments off


The Enhance It Boxer is a home run from Nuwear’s Casanova brand. There are many poor attempts the boxer brief on the mens underwear market and usually it’s because designers miss-cut the leg hole or try to use cotton fabrics because it’s somewhat mainstream and cheaper to manufacture. The good designers use combinations with stretch-nylon because it contours better to the body and it’s more durable.

These boxer briefs are cut perfect and are just tight enough to sit flush around my abdomen without climbing up my butt. The pocket has plenty of room for any size man too. I would highly recommend these no matter what the occasion as these are multi-purpose. However, I’m a little skeptical of any underwear that claims to have dual use as swimwear. To me, they seem a little too thin for that but to each their own. A great pair of underwear though.

Scuba Side Stripe Jammer by Tulio

June 8, 2012 Comments off


Wow! Tulio has raised the bar again with these boardshort-scuba style swim jammers. As I tell my wife, “y’all can squeeze into anything, but we have equipment issues to negotiate”. The smart designers recognize that the “leg hole” is the most pivotal comfort point on men’s swimwear and underwear. If they’re cut too tight, we’re uncomfortable and thus won’t wear them.

Tulio knows this and these contouring swim shorts allow flexibility and just enough pouch for frontal support for a perfect fit. With seams strategically placed on the side, they won’t chafe after swimming. The front fastens don’t roll, the drawstring is durable, and string tips are not weighted or heavy (no flapping). They look good on any body frame, but groom accordingly. For the self-contious, they have a hint shimmer but are perfectly fine swim attire in any public beach, pool, or lake setting. Definitely hang dry these to avoid fading.

I got mine at International Jock: Tulio Side-Striped Scuba Jammer

Buttlifter Squarecut from Gary Madjell

May 25, 2012 Comments off


So I’m browsing around Amazon a while back and I come across a line of swimwear and activewear that I didn’t have. Since I have an no ass (according to my wife), I’ll try anything and these do add an inch or so. Naturally, I’m inquisitive by the prices and whip out the card to purchase the Buttlifter Squarecut by Gary Madjell Sport.

Wow, are these tight in the crotch. They may want reevaluate that size chart because I was cutting off circulation to my legs the second I pulled them up and I’m a 33/34 in any brand. Having athletic thighs always makes square cuts a gamble because they tend to ride up the sides, thus becoming a brief. I wouldn’t recommend them for stocky guys….it’ll just look weird. These are designed for skinny dudes.

The construction of them is ok, but you get what you pay for. I did get some other styles to blog about later, but I’ll take my AC’s from now on if I want to project my posterior.

Ergowear 3XD Briefs

July 22, 2011 Comments off
Ergowear XD3 Briefs

Ergowear XD3 Brief

These could be the most durable underwear I have ever purchased. They are great to wear for work, play, and exercise. I have a few pairs of these in white, black, red argyle, and green argyle.

They fit me just right because I’m stocky too. Because I live in the south, it’s hot as hell during the summertime so I’m constantly sweating. The premium microfiber that Ergowear incorporates in their designs wickers moisture away from my crotch so I don’t get that constant swampy feeling. The leg holes are flexible so these will contour to just about any body type and the 1″ waistband is encompassed into the fabric, so that doesn’t chafe either or cause a muffin top appearance.

My wife loves them and thinks that they make my butt look great. She considers these tame compared to the other things I’ll wear underneath. These briefs last about a year before breaking down which is about you can ask from a pair of underwear I put on about once every couple of weeks.

Designer: Ergowear
Material: Polyamide, Elastane
Origin: Chile
Reputable stores I’ve bought these from in the past: Ergowear; Int’l Jock

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