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Intymen dropped the ball on 2 out of 3

September 5, 2015 Comments off

Intymen Fill-It Mesh Thong

Intymen Fill-It Mesh Thong

Intymen is one of the more innovative, yet moderate designers that tends to target the athlete with sporty underwear and swimwear for the active male (my demographic). I have built quite a collection over the years of Intymen styles and been very satisfied with their clothing line up to this point.   I received three pairs of their newest underwear lines (Junk Bikini, Fill-It Mesh Thong, Burnout Brief) and unfortunately was a little dissappointed with two of them.  I’ll start with the bad and end on a good note.

My first imression of the Intymen Junk Bikini underwear was that it would be their take on the “contoured pouch” style of underwear that is sweeping the industry.  The material is extremely soft but very thin with seams that hug the legs and connect with a small stiching underneath.   

Intymen Junk Brief

Intymen Junk Brief

It’s also this area where the garment broke down and separated after three washes with hang-drying.  I would recommend that they reinforce that stitching on their next product update if they want to build that line of business design.

The Intymen Fill-It Mesh thong underwear must have been a wonderful idea conceptually.  The mesh nylon fabric is the same that they have sculpted into other great garments in the past but in this instance, the thong has a big flaw that is difficult to determine from a picture.  The front pouch has opened sides, so my junk falls out and I’m not John Holmes by any stretch.  I wear thongs typically under running tights and mesh fabrics are perfect for that purpose.  Everything about this underwear is well-constructed from the waistband, c-ring support, and contouring t-back…..except the open flaps on the pouch sides!  My recommendation is to definitely close the pouch stitching.

Intymen restored my confidence with the Burnout Brief which is very comfortable and stylish with a hint of shimmer on the front pouch.  

Intymen Burnout Brief

Intymen Burnout Brief

The back coverage is somewhere in between a bikini and brief to accentuate the posterior.  Speaking of the pouch, it does flex to provide a decent amount of room but for the very-well endowed it might seem a bit snug (but so does everything).   The Burnout Brief is perfect for any occasion and I would definitely recommend this underwear. 


Vintage Linen Thong

August 10, 2014 Comments off


I go back and forth in my underwear preference depending on my recent ice cream intake. I usually bounce between bikini’s and square cuts. Only when I’m working out do I wear thongs, but these Vintage Line Thongs are unbelievably comfortable and worth every penny! BodyAware does it again. It feels like I’m wearing nothing and I would highly recommend this to non-thongers. These will change your mind fast!

This classy linen-blend thong brief features features soft, non-binding waist elastic with the BodyAware logo at center, the special anatomical pouch made for comfort and looks, and trimmed at the legs and pouch with soft contrast linen piping.

– Soft & lightweight knit linen blend fabric
– Vintage thong styling
– Shaped and contoured pouch front
– Contrast linen trim at leg and pouch
– 15% linen/85% polyester
– Machine wash
– Made in the USA!


Start 2013 with skimp…Croota’s Sport Bikini Underwear

January 7, 2013 Comments off


Is it a Tanga, Brief or a Bikini? I’m not positive how to categorize this style, but I will say that the Croota Inner Sport Brief is very comfortable and added definition to my buttocks. I surprised the wife with these on New Years and started my year off with a ________ (fill in the blank)!

The brief is well constructed using a blend of cotton/spandex, but I would recommend upsizing if you’re borderline on the size. The are a bit snug on the inner-thigh and the rear coverage sits in the center of my cheeks, so I caution those with hairy posteriors. The front pouch had plenty of breathing room, so the well-endowed need not worry.

Happy 2013!

PiKante Glow Thong Underwear

November 10, 2012 Comments off


Sorry for slacking off recently as a heavy workload and the flu bug wreaked havoc through this house….finally getting back to normal now. Caribbean vacation in t-minus 4 weeks! A beach chair, cold beverage, bikini sunning, and hours of nothing….ahh!

If I had a underwear preference for everyday wear, I normally go for the bikini or brief first. But PiKantes Glow Thongs are extremely comfortable and with the added hint of shimmer, the definitely caught the wife’s eye that morning.

The majority of metallic shiny underwear or swimwear that I’ve encountered tends to have one drawback….too tight! When its underwear for the day, that’s an even bigger gamble with a thong. Not the case here as PiKante uses the perfect Nylon/Spandex blend for a thong that provides roomy pouch and stretchy T-Back that doesn’t chafe. As with most Latin producers, they run a little small on us Americans so consider sizing up for comfort and definitely hang-dry all shimmer-style underwear.

I found them at a compression apparel website called Healing Enhancements, Compression Garments.




Clever’s Antirio Thongs for Men

September 23, 2012 Comments off


Clever just released a bunch of new men’s underwear and swimwear for this fall. A couple of which I was able to gobble up was the Antirio Thongs. Since the models obviously make any clothing appear five times better than the reality and typically waistbands dig into my waist and can create a slight muffin-top. Not the case with these. These had plenty of flex making them very easy to sit low, which to me is huge to me because I have short legs. It also means that the T-Back doesn’t constrict or cram making these really comfortable. They’ll feel and look great under a pair of your favorite low-waisted jeans.

A couple of cool stores to get Clever’s Antirio Thong: UnderwearStation or Be-Brief


Whittall & Shon G-String Thong

May 12, 2012 Comments off


The Whittall & Shon G-String is a thin and comfortable mens thong to wear under clothing or active shorts when it’s warm and muggy outside. However, they have a colorful trim edge that can feel odd if you wear typical T-back styles. So these thongs may take a minute or two before settling into position. Once in place, this G-String feel like heaven on your crotch and surprisingly have a lifting feature in the front.

These thongs are built for low-waisted guys, so they’ll even look great on shorter dudes and the Turquoise color adds a little Freak-Factor for the significant other.

As I mentioned before, they feel thin but are by no means will they breakdown after a couple of washes and low tumble-dries.

I got mine at

Speedo Thong

May 2, 2012 Comments off


Definitely not for the conservative sunbather, but quite a comfortable option in the right setting of course. Speedo owns the brand name to which all skimpy swimwear is referred to in the US, but most people wouldn’t know that they actually make them in a thong too. Obviously these are designed with their dual blend nylon-Lycra, but they are a great underwear choice when its hot and humid. Not chaffing and perfect fit!

I typically wear these during the summertime when I work in the yard and sweat constantly….under my shorts of of course.;)

It’s hard to find them these days, but Int’l Jock still carries them (I think).

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