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Cruise Mid-Cut from Pistol Pete

July 7, 2012 Comments off


Since the invention of the square cut (or mid-cut)I can’t say that I’ve seen a more innovative designs than from Pistol Pete. The Cruise mid-cut men’s swimsuit is a perfect example of this. Because they rely on a fabric with a high Nylon count (92%), these will make even the most invisible butts look like you could bounce a quarter off of them. As with the 3 other Pistol Pete swimwear outfits I have, they can stretch!

Even though about 0.01% of us look as good as the models (I don’t qualify either), I would definitely recommend being in prime physical shape before pulling this outfit off in public. If you have big thighs, these all might crawl up your leg and that’s not a pretty picture. So get the brief version instead. If you feel that the belt is a little too much, it can be easily removed. They do run small, so size up if you’re on the borderline.

I got this mid-cut on sale at


Enhance It Boxer from Casanova

June 16, 2012 Comments off


The Enhance It Boxer is a home run from Nuwear’s Casanova brand. There are many poor attempts the boxer brief on the mens underwear market and usually it’s because designers miss-cut the leg hole or try to use cotton fabrics because it’s somewhat mainstream and cheaper to manufacture. The good designers use combinations with stretch-nylon because it contours better to the body and it’s more durable.

These boxer briefs are cut perfect and are just tight enough to sit flush around my abdomen without climbing up my butt. The pocket has plenty of room for any size man too. I would highly recommend these no matter what the occasion as these are multi-purpose. However, I’m a little skeptical of any underwear that claims to have dual use as swimwear. To me, they seem a little too thin for that but to each their own. A great pair of underwear though.

Scuba Side Stripe Jammer by Tulio

June 8, 2012 Comments off


Wow! Tulio has raised the bar again with these boardshort-scuba style swim jammers. As I tell my wife, “y’all can squeeze into anything, but we have equipment issues to negotiate”. The smart designers recognize that the “leg hole” is the most pivotal comfort point on men’s swimwear and underwear. If they’re cut too tight, we’re uncomfortable and thus won’t wear them.

Tulio knows this and these contouring swim shorts allow flexibility and just enough pouch for frontal support for a perfect fit. With seams strategically placed on the side, they won’t chafe after swimming. The front fastens don’t roll, the drawstring is durable, and string tips are not weighted or heavy (no flapping). They look good on any body frame, but groom accordingly. For the self-contious, they have a hint shimmer but are perfectly fine swim attire in any public beach, pool, or lake setting. Definitely hang dry these to avoid fading.

I got mine at International Jock: Tulio Side-Striped Scuba Jammer

Buttlifter Squarecut from Gary Madjell

May 25, 2012 Comments off


So I’m browsing around Amazon a while back and I come across a line of swimwear and activewear that I didn’t have. Since I have an no ass (according to my wife), I’ll try anything and these do add an inch or so. Naturally, I’m inquisitive by the prices and whip out the card to purchase the Buttlifter Squarecut by Gary Madjell Sport.

Wow, are these tight in the crotch. They may want reevaluate that size chart because I was cutting off circulation to my legs the second I pulled them up and I’m a 33/34 in any brand. Having athletic thighs always makes square cuts a gamble because they tend to ride up the sides, thus becoming a brief. I wouldn’t recommend them for stocky guys….it’ll just look weird. These are designed for skinny dudes.

The construction of them is ok, but you get what you pay for. I did get some other styles to blog about later, but I’ll take my AC’s from now on if I want to project my posterior.

Flashback Basic Trunk from Andrew Christian

March 24, 2012 Comments off

20120324-060922.jpg 20120324-060937.jpg

The Flashback “Bubble Butt” Basic Swim Trunk is probably one of the more innovative clothing items ever made for men. I ride bikes and take spin classes regularly and yet I still have no ass. It’s genetics I guess. So if you’re in the same boat as me, this is your swimsuit! It’s no BS, these add about 1 inch of rounded rump to your physique.

They do take some getting used to as the lifting support feels like a tight jock strap. Make sure to get the right size, because these bands can chafe the bottom part of your butt (especially when wet). I wouldn’t recommend them for active wear either for that same problem. But if your casually hanging out at the beach or pool, they’re perfect and are certainly flattering to the posterior. The material is premium and contours exceptionally well, so it works for almost all body types.

Andrew Christian is a pioneer in this industry and I’ve got quite a few other items from them of which are all top quality. If you’re on a budget, don’t fear the sticker shock because as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. I went the “knockoff” route before and that was a waste.

Just about all the established sites sell them, but you buy them in their LA retail stores or their website: Flashback Basic Swim Trunk by Andrew Christian

Playa Brief from Unico Swimwear

March 4, 2012 1 comment

Sorry the being slack lately, as a new business venture required all of my attention for the past few months and is finally self-sufficient. Before a little R&R in the Virgin Islands with the wife a month ago, I decided to go on shopping spree for new clothes, underwear, and swimwear.

I got a pair of Playa Swim Briefs from Unico Mundo in black and was amazed how comfortable the feel. I think their pictures make the appear cheaply made, but I wrong. Great quality and are perfect for lap swimming, but make sure that the nylon draw string is tied tight (no slack, 😉 They shimmer does add a little wow-factor, but nothing over the top. The swimwear features great detailing with a blue contrasting ‘U’ on the left hip, it is also fully lined with a drawstring waistband and a small key pocket on the right side inside.. This brief swimwear has a 4″ side seam and will have heads turning when you show up! The Unico Playa Brief Swimwear is made from 84% Nylon/16% Spandex

Good place to get these: Joy Boy Locker

Baskit Playas Rise Bikini Swimsuit

July 24, 2011 Comments off
Baskit Playas Rise Swim Bikini
Baskit Playas Rise Bikini

Even though Baskit calls them a bikini, in my opinion they fit more like a brief because they have 3″ sides and offer almost full back coverage. As far as the product goes, they are extremely well-designed and unbelievably comfortable. To be honest, no one looks like the models in the pics, but because they sit low on the waist with wide leg holes, so they are ideal for shorter or stocky guys.

I have a couple these suits in the Silver/Green and Navy/White. They have a shimmer to them that the internet pictures doesn’t make obvious and the silver darkens to a metallic charcoal look when wet. Not to worry though, they don’t fade and go right back right their natual look when dry. The string is enclosed into a fabric waistline band with logo on back and doesn’t leave waist indentions when taking them off. The front pouch provides ampful amout of lift and support so I didn’t feel crammed. As I mentioned before, the back coverage is moderate so feel free to tan without burning your butt.
The major question that I’ve gotten in the past is when and where would you wear these. I think Baskit is going about these totally the wrong way by promoting them for their shock-value. Sure they’re eye-catching, but I think these are relatively conservative as far as briefs and certainly didn’t offend anyone at the beaches I’ve worn them before…..and I live in the Carolina’s. There are much more revealing swimwear out there, so feel free to put these on underneath shorts, follow common sense beach ettiquete rules, and grab a great tan.
Designer: Baskit
Material: Nylon/Lycra®
Origin: USA
Reputable stores to get these from: Baskit, International Jock
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