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Ergowear’s XD3 Bikini

October 23, 2012 Comments off


An oldie but goodie…in new colors! I think the first time I bought a pair of Ergowear Bikini XD3’s high-speed Internet was a premium upgrade on my bill. They used to just make these in standard black and white, but over the years they will come out with new color. Naturally, I picked up a few pairs, especially the Fuschia.

The recipe is still the same though, ergonomic perfect pair of underwear. If I had to pick an all-time top 5 pairs of underwear, these would be on it. They contour completely through the leg holes, with seamless butt coverage, and plenty of pouch space for all. These should be a staple in any mans underwear drawer and ideal for all occasions.



New Style Thong from Groovin’

July 11, 2012 Comments off


I few years back, I took an eBay gamble and bought a few pairs of boxers, bikinis, and briefs from a brand I’d never heard of called Groovin‘. It took so long for them to arrive that I’d already forgotten about it. I opened the package, held up a pair and two things jumped into my mind; really thin material and DAMN, their small and ordered Large. Since returning them wasn’t an option, I squeezed my butt into them and they stretched out ok.

Now, their brand name is much more prominent and I believe they’ve adapted to the US market through distribution and design. The New Style Groovin’ Thong is prime example of this Japanese companies progress. The pouch has been upgraded with a thicker lining and more room, so my junk isn’t crammed like the older versions.

Because the fabric content is high in Nylon (92%), they indirectly offer a little bit of compression and lift. The T-Back can sit high-waist, so the thong won’t move and chafe your crack. These work really well under bike shorts or running tights. Unless I missed the memo, I noticed that they offer them in XL now. I’m a 34 and the Large fits perfectly in a thong, but found the XL a better fit in the older bikini but I assume that’s the next style to be updated.

It’s nice to see these improvements from Groovin’ and looking forward to what they roll out next.

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Cruise Mid-Cut from Pistol Pete

July 7, 2012 Comments off


Since the invention of the square cut (or mid-cut)I can’t say that I’ve seen a more innovative designs than from Pistol Pete. The Cruise mid-cut men’s swimsuit is a perfect example of this. Because they rely on a fabric with a high Nylon count (92%), these will make even the most invisible butts look like you could bounce a quarter off of them. As with the 3 other Pistol Pete swimwear outfits I have, they can stretch!

Even though about 0.01% of us look as good as the models (I don’t qualify either), I would definitely recommend being in prime physical shape before pulling this outfit off in public. If you have big thighs, these all might crawl up your leg and that’s not a pretty picture. So get the brief version instead. If you feel that the belt is a little too much, it can be easily removed. They do run small, so size up if you’re on the borderline.

I got this mid-cut on sale at

Pride Frame Bikini from Joe Snyder

July 4, 2012 Comments off

Pride Bikini by Joe Snyder20120704-072018.jpg

I believe the most important benefit of being an aficionado of mens swimwear and underwear is that I can tell the difference between designers and manufacturers. Manufacturers just go through the motions with occasional upgrades. Designers are constantly reinventing themselves while raising the industry bar, which is what Joe Snyder embodies with their new Pride Frame collection. They offer other lengths, but their bikini brief is off the charts in style and comfort. Naturally, I chose the pink.

The piped elastic frame completely contours my privates and has a slight lifting feature without choking them.  The 80-20 ratio of Nylon/Lycra® hugs my body perfectly and leaves plenty of sizing flexibilty, so sizing isn’t an issue either.  Even the back bikini cut makes it appear as though I may have an ass…to quote my wife. She thought these were hot too and put her in the mood, so introduce these to the significant other soon.  You can thank me later…..and Happy 4th!

Shock Jock Bikini from Andrew Christian

July 1, 2012 Comments off


Remember the end of “Boogie Nights” when Dirk Digger whips out his cock and puts it back in his pants like he’s tucking in his shirt? Every man, woman, gay/straight, all had the same reaction….”Holy $h1t’, was that his….? Think on that wavelength when you slide into a pair of these apply named men’s swim brief, the Shock Jock Bikini from Andrew Christian. With the padded cup in the front, you will look like a porn star….at least from the mid-section area.

As for anything I’ve ever had from Andrew Christian, the quality is at the pinnacle of the industry. The Sport Tec fabric completely molds to your body like a glove and feels unbelievable when your swimming. The padded cup is removable, but why would you….if you got it flaunt it, right? It’s not uncomfortable and doesn’t cramp your junk and after having these on for a bit, you won’t even notice it.

I’ll break these out at the low-key beach spots or when the wife and I go on cruises with a primarily older crowd. So use common sense on where you want flaunt these. Even though they offer plenty of coverage, it’s the side view that could bring attention you may not want. An overlooked feature is that do have maximum UV protection and will not fade.

If you want to be bold, these definitely don’t disappoint.

Intymen Euro Bikini

June 27, 2012 Comments off


I’m a huge fan of the Intymen line and they delivered again with the Euro Bikini. These new style bikini briefs are perfect for active lifestyles because the viscose used is extremely durable. I particularly choose to wear these after a hard lower body workout or bike ride because they offer a slight bit of compression, which eases my sore butt.

Even though I’ve never been crazy about waistbands, it’s not to constricting and doesn’t create a muffin top. There’s also a little more room in the front pouch than the picture displays too, so no worries about “cramming the junk”. The inseam is stitched solid, so use good grooming habits and guys with wide thighs probably would want to size up.

The shimmer of the fabric and the bikini cut adds a little bit of Freak Factor and the wife was definitely digging these. Most of the usual suspects sell these, but I got mine from Skiviez.

Intymen Euro Bikini Brief at Skiviez.

Dark Purple Brief’s by Gia

June 11, 2012 Comments off

20120611-060229.jpg 20120611-060217.jpg

I was surfing through the sales racks and came across this deal for a pair of Gia’s Dark Purple Briefs from one of the better online retailers. I already had a full cart of stuff and these looked like fun, so I figured what the hay and bought some. Now I know why they were on clearance.

These are much thinner in material than expected and the seams from the sheer band are thicker than the picture displays (at no fault to the retailer). However, they are comfortable and I certainly put a premium on sizing correctly (meaning: size up). The wife thought these were ok looking, but slightly girly too. Gia makes much better products, so I’ll call this a hiccup and move on.

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