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Intymen dropped the ball on 2 out of 3

September 5, 2015 Comments off

Intymen Fill-It Mesh Thong

Intymen Fill-It Mesh Thong

Intymen is one of the more innovative, yet moderate designers that tends to target the athlete with sporty underwear and swimwear for the active male (my demographic). I have built quite a collection over the years of Intymen styles and been very satisfied with their clothing line up to this point.   I received three pairs of their newest underwear lines (Junk Bikini, Fill-It Mesh Thong, Burnout Brief) and unfortunately was a little dissappointed with two of them.  I’ll start with the bad and end on a good note.

My first imression of the Intymen Junk Bikini underwear was that it would be their take on the “contoured pouch” style of underwear that is sweeping the industry.  The material is extremely soft but very thin with seams that hug the legs and connect with a small stiching underneath.   

Intymen Junk Brief

Intymen Junk Brief

It’s also this area where the garment broke down and separated after three washes with hang-drying.  I would recommend that they reinforce that stitching on their next product update if they want to build that line of business design.

The Intymen Fill-It Mesh thong underwear must have been a wonderful idea conceptually.  The mesh nylon fabric is the same that they have sculpted into other great garments in the past but in this instance, the thong has a big flaw that is difficult to determine from a picture.  The front pouch has opened sides, so my junk falls out and I’m not John Holmes by any stretch.  I wear thongs typically under running tights and mesh fabrics are perfect for that purpose.  Everything about this underwear is well-constructed from the waistband, c-ring support, and contouring t-back…..except the open flaps on the pouch sides!  My recommendation is to definitely close the pouch stitching.

Intymen restored my confidence with the Burnout Brief which is very comfortable and stylish with a hint of shimmer on the front pouch.  

Intymen Burnout Brief

Intymen Burnout Brief

The back coverage is somewhere in between a bikini and brief to accentuate the posterior.  Speaking of the pouch, it does flex to provide a decent amount of room but for the very-well endowed it might seem a bit snug (but so does everything).   The Burnout Brief is perfect for any occasion and I would definitely recommend this underwear. 


New Swimwear for the Spring from Gigo & JOR

February 15, 2013 Comments off

Going Bold with a Dietz Slip Swim from Dietz

December 19, 2012 Comments off

It’s been over a week since the wife and I got back from Playa Del Carmen, Mexico and I still sporting a decent tan. I’m doing my best to preserve it as long as possible with toning moisturizers, but I know eventually it’ll lighten up.

I do credit the bikini’s I wore to allowing a little more extra sun to hit my hips and butt, such as the Slip Swim from Dietz. I bought a couple pairs a few months back from Johnny’s Beach Bums (fast, reliable store) and couldn’t be more satisfied with the product. Slim sides, minimal cut, and very comfortable swimwear.

Cancun beaches are wonderful, but it has more of a younger appeal with a non-stop party crowd. It’s perfect for people with kids and college spring breakers, but if you want peace and quiet go further south down the Mexican Riviera toward Cozumel and Playa. The areas there appeared to draw a more International blend of folks and extremely hospitable locals. Modesty was definitely nowhere to be found with quite a few topless sunbathing women….and I wasn’t complaining. Even the wife took the “when in Rome” attitude.


Good Devil’s Zoom Carnival Bikini

September 18, 2012 Comments off

Known primarily for their novelties, Good Devil’s Zoom Carnival Bikini serves as a reminder that they still make a damn good pair of day-to-day underwear. Brazilian-cut is always a good call on warm days under shorts or work clothes, especially office days. The polyester/spandex ratio keeps you dry and is extremely comfortable. “Won’t these will crawl up my butt?”….No! As long as you get the right size, I’ve not had a problem with it. The front pouch has a little lifting feature too, so if you get called to the whiteboard at the office. Check yourself before you hop-up….

Reputable places I’ve bought Good Devil: Mensuas, Underwear Station, Steveneven


Blu Swim Brief by Olaf Benz

September 5, 2012 Comments off


In many years of doing business with Germans, I noticed a few cultural common denominators. First, they possess an extremely dry sense of humor. Secondly, they are the worst salespeople on the planet. Lastly and most importantly, they don’t “half-ass” anything and design-build better than everyone else. So when I got a pair of Olaf Benz’s Blu Swim Briefs, I immediately knew that it was going to be well crafted….and I was right.

These are listed as men’s swim briefs, but they have more of a sexy bikini feel because of the high-cut with short sides. If you want a good tanning brief, active underwear, or are a big swimmer, these are perfect. They can take a beating and actually offer real UV protection. Nothings more painful than roasted nuts and I highly recommend exercising good grooming habits.

For the appearance value and according to the wife, they can make even the flattest butt look round and toned. However, Germans design for German body frames, which is long and lean. If you’re tall, you’ll love these. As for beach/pool etiquette, unless your grabbing 50 laps, I’d probably save these for the adult-oriented settings. The metallic additive in the fabric is eye-catching and the swimsuit is somewhat skimpy. Awesome product!

Since its past Labor Day, swimsuits like this are a steal at: Undergear, Nuwear, Skiviees, BodyAware, DealByEthan, Mensuas, Erogenos, Int’l Jock, Pacific Jock, and DeadGoodUndies to name a few




Diver Swim Brief from Intymen

July 31, 2012 1 comment


Intymen just continues role out a fantastic line product offering and this new swimsuit doesn’t disappoint. The Diver Swim Brief is the second pair I’ve received from them and certainly won’t be the last.

Designed to fit most styles and frames, this swimsuit is perfect for any public environment. There’s no drawstring, but the waistband is durable and has plenty of support without creating a muffin top. They offer plenty of posterior coverage, roomy front pouch, and a little shimmer for those who want a quick hint of attention. Great buy!


Men’s Low-Rise Bikini Briefs by Flexables

June 9, 2012 Comments off


If you’re on a budget, Flexables Men’s Low-Rise Bikini Briefs will give you your money’s worth. Unless your able to find a deal in the clearance rack, where else can you get decent men’s bikinis for $10? I’m not saying they’re the greatest on the planet, but damn they’re comfortable and completely pass my durability test (see Freak Test).

They’re stretchy with plenty of junk room and the Nylon/Lycra certainly minimizes swamp-ass. The 1″ sides make them adjustable for most body frames too. In my younger adult years, I noticed a dancer wearing a Flexables Women’s thong so I pointed it out to her. She flipped over the tab and starting grinning ear-to-ear. She was so impressed that I knew my underwear that I got free lap dance. Naturally, I bought the wife a few pairs too.

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