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New Swimwear for the Spring from Gigo & JOR

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Garcon Model Briefs

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Putting on a pair of Garcon Model briefs felt as soothing as slipping into a warm bath. These are very well-made underwear that contours the body perfectly by hugging every curve of my mid-section. The front pouch is molded providing plenty of room and the seams offer support.

Another bonus is that there are “No Tags”. Tags drives me nuts by rubbing the small of my back of top of my crack. I can’t understand why all designers have not flipped into this branding, especially for thongs and bikinis. I’d pay the extra buck to go tag-less instead of risking a tear trying to take them off. Big thumbs up!

They have a shimmering appearance to them too but nothing overboard, just a nice modern, yet sexy look. A bit pricey at $25-30 a pair, but you get what you pay for and they offer a variety of colors too. Big Thumbs Up!

Check them here: Garcon Model Underwear Briefs


Clever’s Antirio Thongs for Men

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Clever just released a bunch of new men’s underwear and swimwear for this fall. A couple of which I was able to gobble up was the Antirio Thongs. Since the models obviously make any clothing appear five times better than the reality and typically waistbands dig into my waist and can create a slight muffin-top. Not the case with these. These had plenty of flex making them very easy to sit low, which to me is huge to me because I have short legs. It also means that the T-Back doesn’t constrict or cram making these really comfortable. They’ll feel and look great under a pair of your favorite low-waisted jeans.

A couple of cool stores to get Clever’s Antirio Thong: UnderwearStation or Be-Brief


Enhance It Boxer from Casanova

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The Enhance It Boxer is a home run from Nuwear’s Casanova brand. There are many poor attempts the boxer brief on the mens underwear market and usually it’s because designers miss-cut the leg hole or try to use cotton fabrics because it’s somewhat mainstream and cheaper to manufacture. The good designers use combinations with stretch-nylon because it contours better to the body and it’s more durable.

These boxer briefs are cut perfect and are just tight enough to sit flush around my abdomen without climbing up my butt. The pocket has plenty of room for any size man too. I would highly recommend these no matter what the occasion as these are multi-purpose. However, I’m a little skeptical of any underwear that claims to have dual use as swimwear. To me, they seem a little too thin for that but to each their own. A great pair of underwear though.

Joe Snyder Bikini Underwear

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Joe Snyder Bikini Underwear

Joe Snyder Bikini Underwear

Before I bought these, I was a little hesitant because I thought the pictures made the fabric look like thin, cheaply-made, spandex. WRONG! Joe Snyder’s material is a premium Lycra/Spandex that perfectly contours the body. The seams are interlaced stitched, so nothing runs or snags. I have bought many pairs of bikini underwear over time and these are about as well constructed as I’ve found.

The fit me perfectly, but I think you would need to have at least an average-to-athletic body frame to truly enjoy these. The back coverage is slightly moderate and exposes a tiny bit of lower buttocks. If you were a larger guy, these probably would create a constant wedgie feel (unless you’re looking for that). The 1″ sides make this ideal for short-to-normal height guys, but since they stretch well it’s a non-issue for taller guys but they would sit really low on your torso. The molded frontal pouch provides a little lift and accentuates my average crotch. I think a “well-endowed” guy may have an issue of tucking everything in because the pouch is closer to being flat-fronted than a sack.

My wife was “wowed” by these and thought they were a little on the risqué side. I think the freak factor was a little higher than normal since this bikini underwear is some of the first I purchased years ago.

Designer: Joe Snyder
Material: 80% Nylon, 20% Lycra/Spandex.
Origin: Mexico
Reputable Stores I’ve bought these from before: Nuwear, Mensuas

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