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New Candyman Thin Briefs

October 3, 2012 Comments off


October is my favorite month of the year for several reasons. First of all, its a sports fans paradise with football in full swing, baseball games actually have meaning, and basketball gets going. Weather-wise, the month typically means warm and sunny days, which are perfect for the beach (save hurricanes).

October means gatherings and climaxes with Halloween, which is arguably the most fun holiday on the calendar with the wildest parties and costumes. It’s like a license to wear whatever you want. Women love to take full advantage of the opportunity and come out in the skimpiest lingerie they can find, which I’m not opposed too either. For me, choosing a costume is no big deal but for my wife it’s an effort in futility and a pain staking process that will last for weeks.

Speaking of costumes, Candyman is well known for coming up with outrageous mens outfits that are sure to turn a few heads. They also just released some new daily underwear that are really comfortable and breathable. These stretchy polyester, nylon mens briefs have thin sides give a full range of motion. Great for under sportswear with plenty of room in the front and won’t crawl up your butt. Steveneven has them on sale too, check’em out.




Tulio’s Power Pouch Supplex Briefs

September 12, 2012 Comments off


Even though Summer really doesn’t end most of the south until mid-October, I find myself wearing jeans now more often than shorts. That being the case, I can’t think of anything that is more comfortable and looks best on me under jeans than a stretchy low-rise brief. I found a good pair of these, Tulio’s Power Power Supplex Briefs at Int’l Jock. Don’t FReakout at the price, they’re worth it and Tulio’s last forever.

As an average-endowed guy with no butt, these definitely enhance my facade with or without clothing. For those who don’t know, Supplex is one of the most durable fabrics and the front pouch is accommodating with seams that push your junk up. In the rear, the middle seam contours perfectly and provides a little lift and the bubble butt look under jeans. Supplex has a wickering feature, so if it’s still hot where you are, no worries.


Filament Running Tights from Nike

May 22, 2012 Comments off

Nike Running Tights for Men

If you work out hard or live in hot climates, Nike running tights should definitely be a clothing option. The filament fabric they use is second-to-none when it comes moisture control or as we southerners call it “Swamp Ass”.

They feel great, don’t chafe, and I wear these types of shorts constantly. The little pocket on the back is great to put your keys and money. Sorry for the morbid thought, but it has an ID tag on the inside just in case some drunk idiot hits you and keeps going (happens common around here).

As with all Nike, they can be a bit pricey but check Amazon as they seem to be the cheapest deal. You do get what you pay though and these are built to last.

New Balance Half Tight

April 13, 2012 1 comment


When it comes to compression tights for working out or running, I have yet to find a better pair than these from New Balance. They are just comfortable to wear and the shimmer fabric definitely makes my butt look tighter than reality. After all perception is everything, right? These are “gym friendly” too, so no worries wherever you wear them.

Even though it advertises a 10″ inseam, it’s more like 9″ and totally blasts your thigh appearance. The band on the bottom is well-constructed, so I haven’t had any roll-up issues. In my opinion, seam placement is the most crucial detail in activewear and they perfectly located to avoid chafing issues. The zipper on the pocket is just the right size and doesn’t dig into your abdomen, which is common mistake I’ve experienced with knock-off brands. No special cleaning instructions required, as you can dry them in low-tumble mode and an they’ll last for years without losing compressing integrity.

The only downside, as with 95% of all men’s tights, as that they only come in Black.

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