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Intymen dropped the ball on 2 out of 3

September 5, 2015 Comments off

Intymen Fill-It Mesh Thong

Intymen Fill-It Mesh Thong

Intymen is one of the more innovative, yet moderate designers that tends to target the athlete with sporty underwear and swimwear for the active male (my demographic). I have built quite a collection over the years of Intymen styles and been very satisfied with their clothing line up to this point.   I received three pairs of their newest underwear lines (Junk Bikini, Fill-It Mesh Thong, Burnout Brief) and unfortunately was a little dissappointed with two of them.  I’ll start with the bad and end on a good note.

My first imression of the Intymen Junk Bikini underwear was that it would be their take on the “contoured pouch” style of underwear that is sweeping the industry.  The material is extremely soft but very thin with seams that hug the legs and connect with a small stiching underneath.   

Intymen Junk Brief

Intymen Junk Brief

It’s also this area where the garment broke down and separated after three washes with hang-drying.  I would recommend that they reinforce that stitching on their next product update if they want to build that line of business design.

The Intymen Fill-It Mesh thong underwear must have been a wonderful idea conceptually.  The mesh nylon fabric is the same that they have sculpted into other great garments in the past but in this instance, the thong has a big flaw that is difficult to determine from a picture.  The front pouch has opened sides, so my junk falls out and I’m not John Holmes by any stretch.  I wear thongs typically under running tights and mesh fabrics are perfect for that purpose.  Everything about this underwear is well-constructed from the waistband, c-ring support, and contouring t-back…..except the open flaps on the pouch sides!  My recommendation is to definitely close the pouch stitching.

Intymen restored my confidence with the Burnout Brief which is very comfortable and stylish with a hint of shimmer on the front pouch.  

Intymen Burnout Brief

Intymen Burnout Brief

The back coverage is somewhere in between a bikini and brief to accentuate the posterior.  Speaking of the pouch, it does flex to provide a decent amount of room but for the very-well endowed it might seem a bit snug (but so does everything).   The Burnout Brief is perfect for any occasion and I would definitely recommend this underwear. 


Diver Swim Brief from Intymen

July 31, 2012 1 comment


Intymen just continues role out a fantastic line product offering and this new swimsuit doesn’t disappoint. The Diver Swim Brief is the second pair I’ve received from them and certainly won’t be the last.

Designed to fit most styles and frames, this swimsuit is perfect for any public environment. There’s no drawstring, but the waistband is durable and has plenty of support without creating a muffin top. They offer plenty of posterior coverage, roomy front pouch, and a little shimmer for those who want a quick hint of attention. Great buy!


Intymen Euro Bikini

June 27, 2012 Comments off


I’m a huge fan of the Intymen line and they delivered again with the Euro Bikini. These new style bikini briefs are perfect for active lifestyles because the viscose used is extremely durable. I particularly choose to wear these after a hard lower body workout or bike ride because they offer a slight bit of compression, which eases my sore butt.

Even though I’ve never been crazy about waistbands, it’s not to constricting and doesn’t create a muffin top. There’s also a little more room in the front pouch than the picture displays too, so no worries about “cramming the junk”. The inseam is stitched solid, so use good grooming habits and guys with wide thighs probably would want to size up.

The shimmer of the fabric and the bikini cut adds a little bit of Freak Factor and the wife was definitely digging these. Most of the usual suspects sell these, but I got mine from Skiviez.

Intymen Euro Bikini Brief at Skiviez.

Intymen Sports Brief

April 28, 2012 Comments off


When I first bought these Intymen’s Sports Brief, I was a little surprised at thin the material felt and was a little skeptical about them being being advertised as a sports brief. They are very comfortable for lounging around the house and a good option when it’s hot. The briefs work well if you wear short-shorts or low-rise jeans too. However, if you have athletic thighs and are borderline on the measurement, consider sizing up because the leg hole piping is a little tight (I wear a 34 and got a Medium).

I also found these to contour my butt differently than most briefs, as it feels like its more cheeky in nature but no lift. I didn’t get too much shock value from the wife the first time I wore these either. Definitely do hang-dry these after washing, tumble-dry low caused them to bead a little on the front pouch after the first cleaning.

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