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Intymen dropped the ball on 2 out of 3

September 5, 2015 Comments off

Intymen Fill-It Mesh Thong

Intymen Fill-It Mesh Thong

Intymen is one of the more innovative, yet moderate designers that tends to target the athlete with sporty underwear and swimwear for the active male (my demographic). I have built quite a collection over the years of Intymen styles and been very satisfied with their clothing line up to this point.   I received three pairs of their newest underwear lines (Junk Bikini, Fill-It Mesh Thong, Burnout Brief) and unfortunately was a little dissappointed with two of them.  I’ll start with the bad and end on a good note.

My first imression of the Intymen Junk Bikini underwear was that it would be their take on the “contoured pouch” style of underwear that is sweeping the industry.  The material is extremely soft but very thin with seams that hug the legs and connect with a small stiching underneath.   

Intymen Junk Brief

Intymen Junk Brief

It’s also this area where the garment broke down and separated after three washes with hang-drying.  I would recommend that they reinforce that stitching on their next product update if they want to build that line of business design.

The Intymen Fill-It Mesh thong underwear must have been a wonderful idea conceptually.  The mesh nylon fabric is the same that they have sculpted into other great garments in the past but in this instance, the thong has a big flaw that is difficult to determine from a picture.  The front pouch has opened sides, so my junk falls out and I’m not John Holmes by any stretch.  I wear thongs typically under running tights and mesh fabrics are perfect for that purpose.  Everything about this underwear is well-constructed from the waistband, c-ring support, and contouring t-back…..except the open flaps on the pouch sides!  My recommendation is to definitely close the pouch stitching.

Intymen restored my confidence with the Burnout Brief which is very comfortable and stylish with a hint of shimmer on the front pouch.  

Intymen Burnout Brief

Intymen Burnout Brief

The back coverage is somewhere in between a bikini and brief to accentuate the posterior.  Speaking of the pouch, it does flex to provide a decent amount of room but for the very-well endowed it might seem a bit snug (but so does everything).   The Burnout Brief is perfect for any occasion and I would definitely recommend this underwear. 


Start 2013 with skimp…Croota’s Sport Bikini Underwear

January 7, 2013 Comments off


Is it a Tanga, Brief or a Bikini? I’m not positive how to categorize this style, but I will say that the Croota Inner Sport Brief is very comfortable and added definition to my buttocks. I surprised the wife with these on New Years and started my year off with a ________ (fill in the blank)!

The brief is well constructed using a blend of cotton/spandex, but I would recommend upsizing if you’re borderline on the size. The are a bit snug on the inner-thigh and the rear coverage sits in the center of my cheeks, so I caution those with hairy posteriors. The front pouch had plenty of breathing room, so the well-endowed need not worry.

Happy 2013!

LASC St. Tropez Bikini on The Mayan Riviera

December 10, 2012 Comments off


Just got back from the luxurious Mayan Riviera and I cannot begin to explain how much fun the wife and I have had. It’s heaven on earth with scenery that would even make a Hawaiian jealous.
The water is crystal clear and the beaches are full of international flavor with the majority of the areas targeted to adults.

As much as I love (and appreciate) coming home to the US, I couldn’t help but notice our short-comings with our beaches. We are waaay too uptight with our attire. Whether they were topless super-models in thongs or old chubby men in bikinis, people wore whatever they wanted and it wasn’t a big deal. No one noticed and no one cared and everyone was having a blast.

Naturally, I brought an assortment of swimwear with me, such as the Super-Low Racer from Timoteo (see pic below). A good starter brief to acclimate my skin to body parts where the sun hasn’t shined in a while. I got a little bolder with swimwear over the week once we saw the norm, so I went bikini style with the St. Tropez from LASC.

But no matter how beautiful this place is, the Mexican people here are by far it’s greatest asset. They bend over backwards for you to make you feel at ease and the majority of locals we encountered speak decent English. Thank god, because “mi espanol es no bueno”. Under no circumstances should you believe the media hype of the violence and drug wars all over Mexico. That’s 100% bunk and contained to certain areas which is no different than big cities back home. So don’t let the TV influence your opinion of Mexico, it’s gorgeous, friendly, and open for business.


Ergowear’s XD3 Bikini

October 23, 2012 Comments off


An oldie but goodie…in new colors! I think the first time I bought a pair of Ergowear Bikini XD3’s high-speed Internet was a premium upgrade on my bill. They used to just make these in standard black and white, but over the years they will come out with new color. Naturally, I picked up a few pairs, especially the Fuschia.

The recipe is still the same though, ergonomic perfect pair of underwear. If I had to pick an all-time top 5 pairs of underwear, these would be on it. They contour completely through the leg holes, with seamless butt coverage, and plenty of pouch space for all. These should be a staple in any mans underwear drawer and ideal for all occasions.


Pride Frame Bikini from Joe Snyder

July 4, 2012 Comments off

Pride Bikini by Joe Snyder20120704-072018.jpg

I believe the most important benefit of being an aficionado of mens swimwear and underwear is that I can tell the difference between designers and manufacturers. Manufacturers just go through the motions with occasional upgrades. Designers are constantly reinventing themselves while raising the industry bar, which is what Joe Snyder embodies with their new Pride Frame collection. They offer other lengths, but their bikini brief is off the charts in style and comfort. Naturally, I chose the pink.

The piped elastic frame completely contours my privates and has a slight lifting feature without choking them.  The 80-20 ratio of Nylon/Lycra® hugs my body perfectly and leaves plenty of sizing flexibilty, so sizing isn’t an issue either.  Even the back bikini cut makes it appear as though I may have an ass…to quote my wife. She thought these were hot too and put her in the mood, so introduce these to the significant other soon.  You can thank me later…..and Happy 4th!

Shock Jock Bikini from Andrew Christian

July 1, 2012 Comments off


Remember the end of “Boogie Nights” when Dirk Digger whips out his cock and puts it back in his pants like he’s tucking in his shirt? Every man, woman, gay/straight, all had the same reaction….”Holy $h1t’, was that his….? Think on that wavelength when you slide into a pair of these apply named men’s swim brief, the Shock Jock Bikini from Andrew Christian. With the padded cup in the front, you will look like a porn star….at least from the mid-section area.

As for anything I’ve ever had from Andrew Christian, the quality is at the pinnacle of the industry. The Sport Tec fabric completely molds to your body like a glove and feels unbelievable when your swimming. The padded cup is removable, but why would you….if you got it flaunt it, right? It’s not uncomfortable and doesn’t cramp your junk and after having these on for a bit, you won’t even notice it.

I’ll break these out at the low-key beach spots or when the wife and I go on cruises with a primarily older crowd. So use common sense on where you want flaunt these. Even though they offer plenty of coverage, it’s the side view that could bring attention you may not want. An overlooked feature is that do have maximum UV protection and will not fade.

If you want to be bold, these definitely don’t disappoint.

N2N Popsicle Bikini

June 1, 2012 Comments off


If you’re feeling narcissistic on summer day and want attention, slide into these mens Popsicle Bikini swim briefs from N2N and head to the beach/lake. It’s probably a good idea to stick to the adult areas to maintain etiquette because these are eye-catching, no matter color you get.

In classic N2N fashion, these are a helluva of lot larger on the model than in reality. It appears as though the bikini could be a 2″ side. Wrong…more like 1-1 1/2″. However, I would never question N2N’s quality because these are very well made and priced right.

The Popsicle bikini is closer to a tanga bottom, as the cut offers modest-to-minimal rear coverage but if you tie the drawstring tight it actually adds a little lift. The front pocket fits the package just right, but the extremely well endowed might be exposed. Either way, definitely trim up and use a high SPF lotion, because the sun will shine on everything!

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