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R-Speed Compression Shorts & Pants

December 1, 2012 Comments off

A misconception I learned growing up in the 80’s is that the older we get, the less active we are and fatter we become. WRONG! At 37, I am in better shape now than at any point since I was basketball walk-on my freshman year in college. Once I got cut from the squad as a sophomore, I put on 30lbs eating crap, smoking cigs, with a consistent workout routine of 12oz curls. Not only was body a train wreck, but the dumbest was that I waited until my late 20’s to do something about it.

So I started running and since then I’m always on the lookout for great compression shorts and pants. Here’s a new style that rocks ass without breaking the bank. The R-Gear High Speed Compression line from Road Runner is fantastic. I’ve had a pair of the 7″ mens shorts for a couple of months and they have not lost one bit of elastic integrity. The seams are firm and positioned perfectly to avoid chafing and the mesh side panels ensure that sweat wickers away. Road Runner makes shorts in various lengths and colors for men and women. They also have a little shimmer appearance that make your butt look good.

Check’em out here: Road Runner R-Speed Compression Shorts



Tulio’s Power Pouch Supplex Briefs

September 12, 2012 Comments off


Even though Summer really doesn’t end most of the south until mid-October, I find myself wearing jeans now more often than shorts. That being the case, I can’t think of anything that is more comfortable and looks best on me under jeans than a stretchy low-rise brief. I found a good pair of these, Tulio’s Power Power Supplex Briefs at Int’l Jock. Don’t FReakout at the price, they’re worth it and Tulio’s last forever.

As an average-endowed guy with no butt, these definitely enhance my facade with or without clothing. For those who don’t know, Supplex is one of the most durable fabrics and the front pouch is accommodating with seams that push your junk up. In the rear, the middle seam contours perfectly and provides a little lift and the bubble butt look under jeans. Supplex has a wickering feature, so if it’s still hot where you are, no worries.


Water Polo Briefs by Timoteo

July 18, 2012 Comments off


Want a swim brief that’s stylish and extremely comfortable, I highly recommend the Water Polo swim brief from Timoteo. After sampling several products from them over the years, they’re swimwear is as good as any designers and these are no exception.

As with everything I’ve encountered from Timoteo, it sits a tad low around the waist, so keep this in mind if you have a long torso. Unless you’re hung like a moose, the pouch is the perfect size. The rear cut is more like a bikini, but offers plenty of coverage making this swimsuit appropriate for any public setting.



Pride Frame Bikini from Joe Snyder

July 4, 2012 Comments off

Pride Bikini by Joe Snyder20120704-072018.jpg

I believe the most important benefit of being an aficionado of mens swimwear and underwear is that I can tell the difference between designers and manufacturers. Manufacturers just go through the motions with occasional upgrades. Designers are constantly reinventing themselves while raising the industry bar, which is what Joe Snyder embodies with their new Pride Frame collection. They offer other lengths, but their bikini brief is off the charts in style and comfort. Naturally, I chose the pink.

The piped elastic frame completely contours my privates and has a slight lifting feature without choking them.  The 80-20 ratio of Nylon/Lycra® hugs my body perfectly and leaves plenty of sizing flexibilty, so sizing isn’t an issue either.  Even the back bikini cut makes it appear as though I may have an ass…to quote my wife. She thought these were hot too and put her in the mood, so introduce these to the significant other soon.  You can thank me later…..and Happy 4th!

Shock Jock Bikini from Andrew Christian

July 1, 2012 Comments off


Remember the end of “Boogie Nights” when Dirk Digger whips out his cock and puts it back in his pants like he’s tucking in his shirt? Every man, woman, gay/straight, all had the same reaction….”Holy $h1t’, was that his….? Think on that wavelength when you slide into a pair of these apply named men’s swim brief, the Shock Jock Bikini from Andrew Christian. With the padded cup in the front, you will look like a porn star….at least from the mid-section area.

As for anything I’ve ever had from Andrew Christian, the quality is at the pinnacle of the industry. The Sport Tec fabric completely molds to your body like a glove and feels unbelievable when your swimming. The padded cup is removable, but why would you….if you got it flaunt it, right? It’s not uncomfortable and doesn’t cramp your junk and after having these on for a bit, you won’t even notice it.

I’ll break these out at the low-key beach spots or when the wife and I go on cruises with a primarily older crowd. So use common sense on where you want flaunt these. Even though they offer plenty of coverage, it’s the side view that could bring attention you may not want. An overlooked feature is that do have maximum UV protection and will not fade.

If you want to be bold, these definitely don’t disappoint.

Intymen Euro Bikini

June 27, 2012 Comments off


I’m a huge fan of the Intymen line and they delivered again with the Euro Bikini. These new style bikini briefs are perfect for active lifestyles because the viscose used is extremely durable. I particularly choose to wear these after a hard lower body workout or bike ride because they offer a slight bit of compression, which eases my sore butt.

Even though I’ve never been crazy about waistbands, it’s not to constricting and doesn’t create a muffin top. There’s also a little more room in the front pouch than the picture displays too, so no worries about “cramming the junk”. The inseam is stitched solid, so use good grooming habits and guys with wide thighs probably would want to size up.

The shimmer of the fabric and the bikini cut adds a little bit of Freak Factor and the wife was definitely digging these. Most of the usual suspects sell these, but I got mine from Skiviez.

Intymen Euro Bikini Brief at Skiviez.

Enhance It Boxer from Casanova

June 16, 2012 Comments off


The Enhance It Boxer is a home run from Nuwear’s Casanova brand. There are many poor attempts the boxer brief on the mens underwear market and usually it’s because designers miss-cut the leg hole or try to use cotton fabrics because it’s somewhat mainstream and cheaper to manufacture. The good designers use combinations with stretch-nylon because it contours better to the body and it’s more durable.

These boxer briefs are cut perfect and are just tight enough to sit flush around my abdomen without climbing up my butt. The pocket has plenty of room for any size man too. I would highly recommend these no matter what the occasion as these are multi-purpose. However, I’m a little skeptical of any underwear that claims to have dual use as swimwear. To me, they seem a little too thin for that but to each their own. A great pair of underwear though.

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