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Gym Compression from Ergowear

August 16, 2014
Ergowear Gym Compression

Ergowear Gym Compression

Comfortable compression is vital when working out or playing sports. Some companies forget about that men and women have completely different contours and they continue to design compression wear based on the female facade. This mentality usually leads to seams being placed in the center of the crotch…not good, not comfortable. In fact, it can create a camel toe and garner unwanted attention. Ergowear’s Gym Compression Shorts are as good as it gets in my opinion and they maintain their integrity over many washes too. Check them out….worth the price too.

MAX Compression Shorts, specially styled for use in sports that require an intense performance such as cycling, jogging, tennis, squash, soccer, basketball to name a few. This latest version is lower cut at the front and its black and white contrasting design will make you look athletic from the moment you put them on.

Sometimes you’ll want to wear something on top of these shorts because you may need to use something specific to your sports discipline. As long as you wear loose shorts over your compression short, they will work as your best and secret male enhancer by lifting up your testicles and safely containing them apart from your thigs.

– 100% ergonomic design

– 3-dimensional pouch in MAX design

– Manufactured in polyamid-elastane compressive fabric (Supplex)

– Signature 1’1/3″ waistband (logo design and position may vary)

– Inseam is aprox 12″ long


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